Sounds of the Sunset

To an outsider, the Sunset District of San Francisco may simply seem to be a quiet residential area; however, the Sunset is home to more than 85,000 people and sometimes the quiet residential area isn’t so quiet at all.

Located right next to Ocean Beach, the Sunset is a popular spot for surfers and San Franciscans who want to spend time near the water.

The Sunset is accessible by several MUNI lines, including the N, the L, the 28, the 29, and the 18. The N line can frequently be heard from several blocks away as it screeches and squeals while it turns around at the corner of Judah and La Playa. Those who do not take the bus use other means of transportation, so the acceleration of cars on the Great Highway and the revving of motorcycles on the streets are also commonly heard.

The Sunset is home to many restaurants and bars, as well as schools and grocery stores. Recently, a decision was made to tear down the Sunset Nursery located at Lawton and the Great Highway. The noise of the backhoe tearing down classrooms and drywall were heard from several blocks away, while previous students and parents watched as their school was demolished.


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