Dancing to feel closer to home

Deira Ramos is a young girl who finds some solace in dancing in a tradition of her ancestors. As an activity that starts with the basic premise of artful expression, many girls like Ramos join these groups and classes so they can impress their parents. Of course, for Ramos and the others, they end up winning as well since they seem to also find these dances exciting. The dances are somewhat exclusive as they are only offered at schools that have Latino demographics in their students, particularly those who are of Mexican descent. These dances feature loud and fast-paced traditional Mexican music from various regions, and according to Ramos, each dance routine is structured to reflect that specific area. While these performances and the preparations leading up to them can make the performers come under pressure, the unity of their group overcome the obstacle of worrying before a big night. What else does it do for Ramos? It gives her something to look forward to and maintains her occupied with something that does not involve her doing something dishonest or illegal. Her parents support her; well, Ramos got her start after her mom admitted that she was a part of this tradition as well, which inspired Ramos to look for long and colorful dresses. Yet what can it mean for us people who serve as the audience? Obviously, the people watching Ramos and her companions will be people of Hispanic descent, and if they dance like we are used to seeing, then it gives us a sense of pride, specially on Mexico’s Independence Day.



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