Natural sounds of the outer Richmond

On the westernmost edge of the city sprawls an urban wonderland filled with bustlin’ laundromats and Chinese restaurants. The wild sea crashes against the sprawling beach and jagged cliffs while the wind howls. Buses wind their way through the streets, passing down Balboa and Geary every few minutes.

The Richmond District is a comforting blend of enviro-metropolis. It feels busy, yet still. City blocks are exceptionally long out here. The fog hangs dense most of the time. People frequently hurry from place to place, attempting to avoid the gloomy weather. But when the sun shines, it is simply delectable. The beach is transformed into a wonderland of warmth and people flock from all over.

Still, the sounds of washing machines, electric bus lines, fog horns, and windy beach days fill my mind when I think fondly of my neighborhood, the outer Richmond.

Listen for yourself!

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