The Sounds of Daly City

Leaving the fast pace life of San Francisco, Daly City offers a quieter alternative. Just by looking at how different houses are constructed, anyone can notice the difference immediately. The residential area is foggy and gloomy. Though the sun takes longer to shine in Daly City, when it does, it aluminates the houses and green grass around the streets. In the morning the loudest sounds are birds chirping and kids playing in the neighborhood parks during recess. At night, it gets really dark; but it’s a peaceful dark, not a dangerous one. The noise of cars slowly fades away to one or two in a long while, making the programmed-chirping streetlight louder.

There isn’t much to do other than going to watch a movie at the Century Theater, or hanging out at Serramonte Shopping Center. The different types of ethnic supermarkets and restaurants make up for it.

Overall, it’s a quiet city fit for people with children, older souls, or someone that enjoys San Francisco and likes to have it close enough, but also enjoys going home to a peaceful place.

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About sugriel reyes

What sets aside San Francisco from other major cities in California is how it can hold such a diversity of people within its 7 mile radius. Being relatively new to this city, I want to explore each and every district San Francisco is known for and document what kind of people live in each district and why.

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