Five years from now…

The more I’m in school, the more I’ve come to realize that journalism is not what it used to be. When I first decided I wanted to be a journalist, it was three years ago when I reviewed a local band in LA. I remember it felt real good to see my review printed and published on LA Record, an independent entertainment newspaper. The next time I got published, it was online and for some reason, that didn’t give me the same satisfaction.

I’ve come to accept that print journalism might be nonexistent in the future now that everything is on the web. And though news travels faster as technology advances, there’s something about actually being present and professional covering news that gives journalism more credit; more life.

After graduating, I’m not interested in entering the breaking news aspect of journalism. I want to focus more on social issues that affect communities and real people that are isolated from mainstream media. I want to create documentaries that tell stories and open minds to issues that might not be explored as much as they should. Sometimes we close ourselves in our reality and the reality that surrounds us that we forget different societies are out there. I feel it is important to know history and beginnings in order to understand our current events. I want to step out of my reality and capture others who might be living completely different lives in completely different conditions than I am. After all, that is the reason for journalism. I don’t want to belong to any company and I’m not sure if this has any official job title. Now that print is dying, I want to use video and photos to capture my stories.

We can be equipped with the latest computers, latest softwares that publish our work in a matter of seconds, but if we don’t understand what the issues are and don’t deliver the true message, I feel like it is not real journalism.

Examples of work I hope to create:

ABC Australia Stolen Innocence.
Los Angeles Times Alabama’s Homeboys
Journeyman Pictures The City of Lost Girls

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About sugriel reyes

What sets aside San Francisco from other major cities in California is how it can hold such a diversity of people within its 7 mile radius. Being relatively new to this city, I want to explore each and every district San Francisco is known for and document what kind of people live in each district and why.

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