Digital Reflections

This semester has been both incredibly challenging and rewarding for me. Maybe I just hadn’t thought it through, but I did not anticipate that I would have to work with so much different software and talk to so many people for assignments. As a result, I wasn’t fully prepared for the class: I did not have a Facebook account, I had never read a “tweet,” and I hadn’t used most of the programs that were put before me.

But I prevailed and, as it turned out, the software was the easy part. Audio and video editing wasn’t much of a challenge once the basic controls were mastered, though technical difficulties via internet malfunctions proved to be a constant plague for myself and the class. Other than that, the biggest issue for me was getting out into the world and talking to people.

I don’t necessarily consider myself and especially outgoing person, and talking to strangers is not my favorite thing to do. Assignments like the man on the street were absolute nightmares for me, but I was forced to do them and, as a result, got out of my comfort zone. The results were mixed. Though I still don’t like it, I have learned to put on a facade and report by sheer force of will. This will be a valuable ability in the futre.

Ultimately, I found this experience to be rewarding. I’m sure I will benefit from being exposed to the various forms of media that I encountered in this class, and I will certainly benefit from being able to navigate various software and programs for news purposes. I only wish the technology was a little more reliable.

The End.


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