My greatest accomplishments so far

I would like to be a professional journalist because of my love for writing and my love for sports. I am a huge sports fanatic. It is my ultimate goal to be a sports writer. Still, I would like to not limit my skills to just sports, but also have the opportunity and ability to shed more light on issues and communities that are in need of coverage.

In the future, I plan to seek more volunteer work, internships, and jobs that pertain to my major as I know that it will benefit me the most. Considering the future of today’s mainstream news media, I see the need for there to be more Latino journalists and thus hope to become one. Five years after my graduation I see myself traveling around the world with my laptop. I don’t really have a preference when it comes to journalism. Eventually I would like to have the skills and talent to do it all. Whether it be as a T.V., radio, or online journalist, I hope to be involved in each of these media in some way or another.

I would like to have a job as a High School and College Sports writer or as a Reporter, News designer. I will learn the skills by graduating from SF State which I am close to doing. I am currently a senior and recently was an intern for a non-profit organization ( I gained from this internship journalism experience and exposure. Two of three stories I wrote were published (Artists Struggle to Stay in Southern SF) and (Anti-Eviction Law Will Have Big Impact on the Ingleside). My first story (Artists Being Priced Out of SF) and third story (A San Francisco Teen Center Makes Room for Elders) were also published online at I also plan to learn some skills by interning for the Broadcasting Department of the Oakland Athletics baseball team next year. Earlier this month, I was awarded $3,000 for winning the 2010 Bill King Scholarship from the Oakland A’s. As a result, I’ve created my own (efolio) or public electronic portfolio of all my published works.


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