The plan

Why am I studying Journalism? Well, that’s simple I have a great interest to write about my passion, FASHION! I’m minoring in Journalism to make me a more creditable fashion journalist/reporter/critic! Writing is the best way in my opinion to reaching out to all audiences who are interested in all things off the runway. Since my younger years I always looked forward to reading the thoughts  and opinions of people who were a part of the fashion world, whatever their jobs may have been, especially the extremely fortunate one’s who had the opportunity to be involved with everything straight off the runway. This desire to know what other’s, like Suzy Menkes, thought has led me down this journalist road.

Approximately 5 years after graduating, which I’m planning on accomplishing by Fall 2011, I see myself well on my way to be known as an accomplished and well-respected fashion journalist.  I plan on being based in London covering all the major fashion shows from New York to Tokyo, working for all sorts of high fashion glossies, but my dream publication to write for would be Grazia.

Once I’ve completed my studies here at San Francisco State University I feel I will have the skills need to fully pursue my career ambitions by building my media and technology skills as well as my online image as a journalist.

My job description below:


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