Why Journalism?

I chose to do journalism for I care to investigate, inform, report, and raise awareness on issues that are not being talked about (enough or at all) in mainstream media. I wish to work for a non-profit, to integrate an independent organization that isn’t backed up by corporate interests. I would like to be a part of a small yet dynamic operation, where team work, optimism, and a desire for change and bettering the world rule.

Within five years of (finally) graduating, I hope to have evolved from entry level jobs, learned from (not too costly) mistakes, demonstrated my skills and ambition to be play a part in journalism.
Given my background, I could be here in California, traveling or back in France, but wherever I end up, a certain biculturalism will remain a part of me, that will transpire throughout my stories, within my work ethic and career. Working for news organizations here locally, such as LinkTV, TV5 or France Amérique would fulfill that need.

Looking now for a job I would hope to have in the future was more difficult than I expected, yet I found that International Reporting Project is currently looking for full time Communications Coordinator/Webmaster in Washington D.C.. While I liked the multifaceted aspect of the position, it is more technical than I could possibly handle right now and possibly in the future. On the other hand, I know that to be tech-savvy will definitely be a plus in a career, and possibly a must for some job opportunities.
To learn the skills necessary for this career, I count on my higher education at San Francisco State University, this will be the foundation to my professional life. But not only, as I rely on myself to study hard, to learn, to grow; and in addition, to learn from the real world through internships, networking, and meeting with people in the field.


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