Career Goals

It’s a difficult time to think about my future career in journalism. Every day, it seems like another newspaper is shutting its doors, or another seasoned veteran is being replaced by so-called “citizen journalists.” In reality, I’d be ecstatic to have any paid job in journalism after graduation.

But in a perfect world, where high-paid journalism jobs abound, I’d like to be an automotive journalist. I’ve been—for lack of a better description—a car geek for as long as I can remember. Heck, I’m only in school because my first choice of careers, being a racecar driver, seemed like too much of a long shot to take a chance on. Cars—and vehicles of all kinds—remain my passion, just not a viable career option.

As a dedicated fan of the BBC TV show and magazine Top Gear, I’ve always aspired to have a job at some major automotive magazine, if not Top Gear, then other well-known magazines, like Motor Trend, Car and Driver or Road and Track. Jeremy Clarkson, a writer for Top Gear has well as one of the TV show’s hosts, has always been an inspiration, with his combination of brutal bluntness and British humor.

But clearly it’s not a perfect world, and staff jobs are few and far between. I would be more than happy to work as a freelancer. Since I have a broad knowledge and interest in anything and everything that moves, it would give me time to really find my focus as a writer. Plus not having a nine-to-five job sounds appealing.

There is no question that the jobs my generation of journalists will have won’t be like the ones our teachers had, but that just makes it more important to be proficient in a wide variety of skills—whether it’s twitter, facebook, print, video, or whatever new form of media springs up before we graduate. By learning these things now, while we’re still in school, we’ll be ready to step into whatever comes our way.


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About Graham Henderson

I'm a journalism student at San Francisco State University. I love cars, boats, motorcycles, planes, anything with an engine. I demand good grammar, but I use "lol," so deal with it. I got this blog as part of my online journalism and digital skills for news classes, right now I'm not terribly blog-savvy, but with any luck I'll progress throughout this semester, and you'll be able to see the results here! I will do my best to keep it regularly updated, giving you my thoughts on journalism and the world of vehicular transportation--cars, boats, motorcycles, planes, you get the idea. I hope you stay tuned! -Graham

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