Why Journalism?

Eric Meyers got into journalism via snowboarding

I never wanted to be a journalist when I was young. It was not until I grew up and realized that being a writer (for a magazine, at least) could keep me and my ever-changing tastes satisfied. I used to be a professional snowboarder, and as I aged and younger kids got better at the sport I realized that I needed another way to stay involved in the sport I love, and that’s when I found journalism.

Using contacts I had already made, I got myself an internship at Snowboarder Magazine. Things went so well that summer that they continued throwing assignments at me and I still contribute now as a student.

In five years, I see myself working up the ladder towards editor-in-chief at a magazine. I like the opportunities that trade magazines offer early in a writer’s career, and using this experience I envision myself at something more mature in five years, like Details or Esquire. After a stint at men’s magazines I would love to write for a sports publication like Sports Illustrated or something as respected as Rolling Stone.

Learning the skill set I need for a job like Creative Project Manager has already begun. I have been published in magazines, newspapers and online. Currently, I help run the online content for a snowboard retail shop called The House. I was merely a blogger until about three weeks ago, when I was asked to take on a larger role with the multimedia site, adding videos and more in-depth content. The skills that I am learning this semester are going to greatly help my success on the retail site, and that success should lead to a good job (not to mention that I have been a full-time student while gaining all this real world experience.)


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