Do you believe in soul mates?

As a hopeless romantic, I’ve begun to wonder if people still think it’s possible to find a soul mate – that one person you are destined to be with forever. In college, it feels like the only relationships that exist are the ones with your textbook or iPhone (for me, at least). So I took it to the students at SFSU to tell me their thoughts! Single or taken, guy or girl – see what they had to say.

Josh Sadsad, 1st year SFSU Student

Nick Shutes. 3rd year SFSU Student

Laura Ho. 2nd year SFSU Student

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I believe in things happening for a reason, high heels, dresses, summer, laughing for no apparent reason, the simple things, Turbo Kickboxing, long voicemail messages, to-do lists, you, myself, and the rest of this world. Twitteroooo: @jackelynho

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