San Bruno begins to heal, Bay Area asks questions

With an entire San Bruno, Calif., neighborhood reduced to ash in the wake of the Glenview explosion and fire that left four people dead, including an SF State Alumnae, and 37 homes destroyed, Bay Area residents are coming together to assist those in need.

“(We will) do whatever we can to make things work for all of us,” said California State Sen. Leland Yee. “It’s going to take quite some time for all of us to heal.”

Plus, with the National Transportation Safety Board and Pacific, Gas and Electric Co., investigating the explosion and promising to help the San Bruno community with a $100 million donation, residents and officials are hoping for better days.

However, allegations of negligence by PG&E and reports that people smelled gas up to two weeks prior to the disaster has led Californians to consider the responsibility PG&E played and how it should be held accountable.

With the death of an SF State alumnae during the blast and concerns about the age of San Francisco pipes worrying the campus, student views on the San Bruno fire vary.

Anthony Ferrucci, 26, a graduate student in the philosophy department; Francois Bolt, 32, a junior English literature major; and 23-year-old Michael Ramos, a senior cinema major speak out about the San Bruno Glenview fire that erupted Sept. 9, 2010:



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