How I almost got kicked out of school: Documenting the ‘Annex’

Today we had an in-class assignment where I reluctantly in the heat went to take photos of a person or persons on campus involved in a “process.”


Nick, a sophomore at SF State is a cashier, and a very friendly one at that


A process many of us take for granted is the purchasing of materials needed for classes.

Now is the time where many of us need scantrons, #2 pencils and maybe some chocolate to calm our nerves.

I often only go to the “Annex,” the student bookstore, in the beginning of the semester to purchase books. The Annex is expensive, often crowded and quite frankly I just have no reason to go in there.

I was having a great chat with Nick, a Sacramento native and sophomore when all of a sudden my camera was snatched out of my hands by the manager.   I was shocked. “You cannot take photos in here,” he said.


Ringing it up the old school way


” It’s not that serious,” I proclaimed. Grabbing my phone hard, on purpose, and tilting him off-balance. ” I am supposed to document a process for class, I am a student.”

I couldn’t believe how serious this guy was taking himself. I was having a nice time talking with students and taking their photos, all with their permission.

Not for one second did a student hesitate, knowing the pain of being in class on a 85 degree weather day and having to ask people for their picture, possibly disturbing normal activity.


Sometimes students in the English department need essay packets for longer exams


“Well then I need your student ID number and we are going to have to talk to the dean,” his dreadlocks swayed with anger.

As any good journalist would do, I got the hell out of there. Hightailed it across campus and ducked in the Humanities building.

Its fascinating to me when people pull this crap.

End of the story is that I made a new friend in the Annex, and I think I might possibly be banned from there which may not be a bad thing.

I guess I will just buy all my textbooks on Amazon.

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Liz Culley was born in San Francisco and now attends San Francisco State University for Journalism. With a background in architecture, music and theatre, her writing can be found in publications like Juxtapoz Magazine. Currently she enjoys cooking, pilates and talking about things that make people feel uncomfortable. Check out her band, "Liz and The Lifted."

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