Long Distance Walking

When most people think of going for a walk, they probably think about taking a gentle stroll, maybe along a nice wooded path or something. Perhaps, on a good day, they’ll maybe walk 5 miles–and that’s really a hike not a walk.

But for Sue Lautenslager, walking takes on a whole new meaning. Lautenslager has recently taken up the hobby of long distance walking–and she does mean long distance. She recently just completed a 500 mile walk across Spain, following the ancient path of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela.

Now living outside of Rochester in upstate New York, Lautenslager keeps up her walking hobby by trying to walk for at least an hour everday–not easy to do when temperatures in Rochester drop below 0 in the winter

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I'm a journalism student at San Francisco State University. I love cars, boats, motorcycles, planes, anything with an engine. I demand good grammar, but I use "lol," so deal with it. I got this blog as part of my online journalism and digital skills for news classes, right now I'm not terribly blog-savvy, but with any luck I'll progress throughout this semester, and you'll be able to see the results here! I will do my best to keep it regularly updated, giving you my thoughts on journalism and the world of vehicular transportation--cars, boats, motorcycles, planes, you get the idea. I hope you stay tuned! -Graham

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