Graham Henderson has learned great things in J226

Your intrepid blogger Graham Henderson driving his Ford Bronco somewhere on the Interstate 5 between Los Angeles and Sacramento. Photo by Ryoma Uno

What I liked most about this class was definitely how hands-on it was. I tend to learn much more by doing things than just hearing about them, so it was great to be able to just work on our projects in class while asking the instructor for help.
The skills we learned in this class corresponded perfectly with my intro on online journalism class, which worked out well. I was able to use many of the skills learned in this class to enhance my own blog. Had it not been for this class, the quality of my blogs photos, videos and audio would have been distinctly lower.
If I had to fault any issues with the class, it would be that sometimes it felt like we were only able to use one program or another–for example, Picnik is an infuriatingly simply photo editing tool, but while it’s simple to use, it’s so simple that I felt my time would have been better used learning a more professional program like iPhoto, Photoshop or Lightroom.
The same could be said for the online video editing tool that we used, which was not only maddening, but also didn’t really work in the end when it was time to export.
Nonetheless, digital newsgathering gave me the skills needed to do things that I’d never even attempted before–things like editing sound and video, for example. Before this class, I never would have dreamed of editing a video sequence, I wouldn’t have even known where to start.
I’m certain that the skills learned in this class are a solid base of knowledge, and will help me through both my time here at San Francisco State University as well as my career after I graduate. But, admittedly this class has only given me the basics, I honestly don’t feel that this class alone would allow me to produce professional quality video or audio stories–although the basics learned here did help me to produce more professional work for my blog.
On a final note, it was good to get some actual instruction on how to use social networking to effectively promote our work. Before this class, I uses social networking exclusively for, well, being social. Using knowing how to use Hootsuite is a great skill, I now do all my tweeting from there–just shrinking the link alone makes a huge difference.
All in all, journalism 226 was a great class that gave me a good foundation of knowledge I’ll take with me for the rest of my career.
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About Graham Henderson

I'm a journalism student at San Francisco State University. I love cars, boats, motorcycles, planes, anything with an engine. I demand good grammar, but I use "lol," so deal with it. I got this blog as part of my online journalism and digital skills for news classes, right now I'm not terribly blog-savvy, but with any luck I'll progress throughout this semester, and you'll be able to see the results here! I will do my best to keep it regularly updated, giving you my thoughts on journalism and the world of vehicular transportation--cars, boats, motorcycles, planes, you get the idea. I hope you stay tuned! -Graham

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