If I had this class in high school, I might of had a date to prom


My head, still attached. Taken by: Michelle Olson (me)


I actually enjoyed my Digital News Gathering class this fall semester. But please, don’t tell anybody. I liked making audio clip and movies. That is, when I finally figured out how to use the damn software.

I am not a fan of Microsoft Excel. Hopefully, I will be a big wig something or other in my career, and leave the excel up to my secretary. What graph do you use for what data? I’m still not completly sure, but I’ll call you when I find out. Don’t hold your breathe waiting, you might turn blue.

I think the audio and live video interviews are just anther form of storytelling, a.k.a. journalism. I am here to tell you a story, and it doesn’t always have to consist of letters. So when I am a millionaire, and get tired of writing I can thank this class for teaching me video and audio storytelling.

I had to get the stories for this class. My favorite assignment was with Muni Diaries. I did a story about what the best seat was on the Muni bus. I thought one guy was going to yell at me for asking him why he was seating in his spot, but he didn’t. Best of all, he didn’t bite my head off, so I’m still here to write about it.

Although, if he had bit my head off, I might not have to take this final. Maybe he could have just bit off a finger, then I could still get the sympathy vote, and had my finger reattached, and NOT taken this final.

I’m not as scared of people because of this class, or the city of San Francisco. It’s a big city that can seem overwhelming. But thanks to Google maps, Muni and Bart, I never got lost.

I liked my professor too, so that’s a plus. I met other journalosm students, another plus.

The skills, the people and the knowledge can and will be used in my future. And the other journalism students are my Facebook friends, so now so I seem more popular. Now I seem smart and popular. My high school crush will be so mad he didn’t go to the prom with me

My fave seat story

My popular facebook page

My prom date



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