My journalism 226 reflection

Myself in Mexico over the summer. I hope to someday tell important stories of Mexico through new journalism to change word opinion on the country.


Entering j226, I only really knew how to use InDesign, Audacity and a few photo programs. To say the least, I was nervous because of previous failings with regard to technology and the fast-paced world of modern journalism. I enjoyed enhancing my stories with extras such as audio and especially liked learning how to master iMovie. For a while, I couldn’t understand the program at all, mostly because I was dealing with it on my own. When I started learning about social media’s importance to journalism, I admit I was less than impressed. After all, my Facebook was just to keep up with my friends from Los Angeles and Twitter was my tool to promote my friends’ bands and bother people with the stuff I found interesting. As for blogging, I had long been sick of it and didn’t want to deal with it anymore. That changed when my blog and Twitter actually got some action when I utilized them correctly. Now tagging and SEO is second nature, and I’ve gotten a few more social media sites under my belt because of how much fun it all became. I was a nerd to begin with, but this class really brought the true potential of my inner nerd out–in a good way, mind you!

I didn’t particularly enjoy editing audio, but then again, I doubt I ever enjoyed editing audio. Even though I already knew the program, the thought of having to pick at tedious details makes me a little sick, especially when you sometimes don’t realize how bad the audio is suited for editing until you upload it and see the tinniest of sound waves or notice that the person was actually speaking mind-bogglingly fast.

I certainly plan on keeping up with my current blog that I upkeep for Intro to Online by using video, audio and photos to better illustrate the story. I hope that when/if I become an international reporter, I can tell powerful, compelling stories through video. Of course, I’ll be keeping up with social media and having more conversations with other journalists on Twitter (my very short-term goal being to get Jorge Ramos to respond to my tweets, and my long term goal to get a good following once I actually begin my career–or perhaps even before that). I hope to draw attention to myself and my stores through innovative ideas backed with new journalism. While I am still a sucker for an old-fashioned newspaper, I hope to bring more substance to print stories with the skills I’ve learned.


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