My Reporting Career Started in Journalism 226

Volunteers Decorate Ocean Avenue.

San Francisco’s Ingleside District gets a holiday makeover from local volunteers Dec. 4 2010. Photo by Anthony Myers.

I learned many important skills during my fall 2010 Digital Skills class. It’s really a good one to take even if you’re not a journalism major. The best thing I learned was how to make a blog post or photo show up more prominently in a Google search. It’s called search engine optimization and it allows you to fix your work so that it is more likely to be clicked on and read by Googlers the world over.

I liked most of the things we learned in the class. One thing that I feel like I could do better though is make charts. I used Microsoft Word/Excel to create some simple graphics, but was unimpressed with how they turned out. It’s easy to do, but the final product I found to be kind of boring. I guess that’s the price you pay for ease of use; no design aesthetics. I wish we could have learned a real program to use for the charts. I admit that I took J395 before Digital Skills, and so I knew about some of the other tools already. So with that in mind, I think it’s good not to spend too much time on the charts, but I’m just saying is all.

For my internship in the Spring, I’ll be taking full advantage of these skills because I’ll be doing a ton of blogging. The Ingleside Light comes out in print only a few times per year, so I’ll have to provide mucho blog content just to fulfill the terms of my internship agreement with the department. It’ll be fun because up until now, The Ingleside Light has only been experimenting with the blog and updating it sporadically/infrequently. That’s totally my fault, but learning from the Digital Skills class, it can be a thousand times better. You can follow us along at the blog or at The Ingleside Light Facebook and Twitter pages.


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