One step ahead

Lights, camera, action! This summer I interned at CNBC Business News, where my supervisors allowed me to practice on camera reporting every now and then. Now, I know I can tweet my videos after I'm done shooting. Photo credit: Linda of SureLink

As Staci might remember, I tried adding into this class last semester with no success. Actually, I attended the first class, but my name was quite a ways down the waiting list. I remember being really disappointed because she grabbed my attention on that first day. I made it a priority to get this class this semester.

So far…my expectations have been exceeded. I enjoyed expanding my knowledge with the online news world. Prior to this class, I always thought it was a waste of time to add tags, categories and links to my posts. I’ve learned that if I want to succeed, I have to incorporate as many attention grabbers as I can. If I write a great blog post, chances are that no one will read it if I don’t include ways for people to find it. Adding links and keywords is crucial for SEO purposes. If I link a popular website with lots of hits to my website, then people who are interested in that website will find their way towards mine. If I tweet my stories to journalists or news organizations, they might retweet my stories – resulting in lots more eyeballs on my story.

I normally do not enjoy 3-hour classes (seriously – it’s too long), but this one was my absolute favorite. I felt like I was getting a step ahead in the online world. I became more proficient with WordPress, something I had been wanting to do for a long time. I learned the importance of audio and how you can manipulate the ears without a video component.

As the journalism world is beginning to converge, online tools are becoming more and more crucial everyday. With the knowledge I’ve learned in this class, I know that my work will be noticed. All it takes is that extra push and that extra manipulative word to get more attention.

As this semester comes to an end, I will be using my newfound skills every day. I currently write for College Candy, a blog that is geared towards college-aged women. We use Word Press and my editor is constantly nagging at me to put in links to my articles. I can finally do all that without blinking!

Oh, and my favorite part about this class was tweeting/facebook-ing stories every week. It might have been a hassle for some, but it really got me into reading more online news stories. ABC 7 is now my homepage and I love finding out breaking news from there!

To sum it up, it’s been a great semester. I finally feel like I’ve learned something I can use in my everyday life…now I can sleep at night a happier person.


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