Jeremy Balan walking on the field at AT&T Park, covering the Bruce-Mahoney baseball game between rivals St. Ignatius Prep and Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep. (Photo by AJ Canaria)

As a reporter, I’ve gotten to the point (whether it’s true or not) where I feel that I won’t learn much else about journalism from the classroom. I’m a firm believer that a ton of journalism should be experienced in the field, but for this class and others of its ilk, students can gain a considerable amount of knowledge, specifically for people like me, who have some experience putting out consistent content in “old media.”

This class, as well as Justin Beck’s Intro to Online Journalism, has expanded my horizons a bit. It’s made me think about expanding my own ventures, specifically my own publication,, which is currently the only media outlet covering high school sports in San Francsico.

Multimedia additions to our content, which we have started to incorporate, will not only bring a better experience to our readers, but it will show our versatility and range in our abilities to represent our coverage area. And as a writer, I have bolstered my arsenal, in a sense, with a new ability to produce video and audio content, along with several other forms of multimedia.

While there are many beneficial aspects to both Intro to Online and Digital Newsgathering, the classes are far too familiar and, at times during this semester, they seemed to blend into each other. I believe that this issue in particular is most likely a product of a journalism program and curriculum that is in flux, due to severe changes in the industry, but it was clearly both classes’ most significant flaw (and the graphs).

That being said, I feel there are no other courses in the department that provide examples of such a broad range of skills that are becoming more and more essential in the current industry environment. If they issues with repetitiveness were addressed and the the two classes were more tightly focused though, I believe the students would gain more from each.


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