Reflection Eternal

Working at my computer all night for this class trying to figure out Flickr. Photo by Jeremy Emery

Sometimes you think you know it all.

Sometimes you don’t.

But what I learned in J226 is that I really only know the half of it.

I was fortunate enough to have had some online media background, but what I have come to love about this fun, yet challenging class is that no matter what programs you think you know, there are a million more out there.

I sometimes get really excited working in a certain program, say, Final Cut, then I don’t give other programs like Audacity an SoundCloud a chance. Being forced to learn these programs has helped me expand my knowledge and also look to specific programs for specific problems.

The social media aspect of J226 I believe is fantastic. I have greatly expanded my online-presence and my Twitter list has already been retweeted over ten times by people I have never even met before. I went from having about thirty followers to now one hundred and thirty-three ( though sometimes people drop off, I have picked up too).

Professor Baird has shown me that just because you are a student, doesn’t mean that you cannot submit to well-known blogs and more often than not get picked up!

I am thrilled to be able to know more programs and feel comfortable with Twitter, HootSuite ( which is very helpful) and Audacity.

Excel is a program that can die in a puddle of death. I have nothing more to say about this program other than I feel completely stupid when using it, even though I know I am not stupid, at all.

More than ever I know that while I never wanted to become a traditional “Journalist,” I can happily say that all the tools I learned in this class I hope to apply to my life in public relations and/or marketing.  When I joined this program a year ago I knew that I wanted to go into PR and marketing and now I can say that I feel comfortable marketing and getting the word out about someone or something on the internet. I see how PR giants like Lizzie Grubman and “Mashable” use Twitter and they are no different from me. ( Well maybe they have half a million followers, but hey, that is just a number).

All in all this seems like one of the most relevant classes I have taken at San Francisco State and I plan to take everything I have learned in the class to the next level.

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About lizculley

Liz Culley was born in San Francisco and now attends San Francisco State University for Journalism. With a background in architecture, music and theatre, her writing can be found in publications like Juxtapoz Magazine. Currently she enjoys cooking, pilates and talking about things that make people feel uncomfortable. Check out her band, "Liz and The Lifted."

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