A semester in Staci Baird’s Digital News Gathering Class

Photo by Alice Debois-Frogé

The most fun this semester has been to get to experience working with social media. This was different than playing on Facebook! When I’d be talking to friends about my first semester at SFSU, many would be surprised when I’d mention Tweeting and posting links onto Facebook. Indeed it wasn’t expected, but it was work too. Learning to formulate a thought in less than 140 characters was quite challenging. But I did it, every week and sometimes more. I had signed up on Twitter years ago but have never really used it. Now I do and I tweet. I grasped the concept and I like it.

Similarly, I had heard of WordPress and just started using it for this class. I find it very accessible and intuitive. I can’t wait to get busy with creating a blog and putting my new skills to use. I really enjoyed the process of working with blog editors and seeing my work published. Having guest speakers come by the classroom to introduce themselves and tell us about their blogging journey was very informative. It’s good to see the faces at work behind a cool blog. I also liked to see that they all came to the blogosphere from different places.

Learning basic video and audio editing had been quite a challenge, but I have learned by doing there as well. By making mistakes more precisely. When I had to redo interviews because of the wind, I learned a lesson. I can guarantee that next time I will be doing a Man On the Street interview, I will pay attention to the forecast and will find a sheltered corner. I definitely plan to keep on playing with video editing. I purposely call it playing because to me it’s fun. I am going to make a rated version of my hobby video for my friend with all the laughter that went on behind the scene!

I can’t say there is much I didn’t like doing, but I can say that technology can be as much of a savior as a nightmare when it doesn’t function. I would have loved to destroy the computer, to swear at the wireless, to even throw my laptop at the window. But I remained calm! So it was often a love-hate relationship with these digital tools we were learning.

Now, the semester has come to an end and I am looking forward to a month-long school break, roaming the streets of San Francisco!

Happy Holidays!


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