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Two Nikon D90s, one belonging to myself the other to Elliot Golan shot with an iPhone 3Gs on April 9, 2010, at the Journalism Association of Community Colleges state convention. / Gil Riego Jr.

Since I could remember I’ve always wanted to tell stories. Not necessarily my own stories, but those of people I found interesting. Over time, I also grew a love for photography. Eventually, I learned how to merge the two—telling stories through photos. Photojournalism seemed like the most logical choice to bring joy to my life, while affecting the lives of anyone who happens to come across it.

Though I have an end goal to teach photography and photojournalism to university/community college students, everything in between is up in the air. I don’t have any set plans; nor do I want any. I’ve had many experiences where plans never work out, and sometimes the best thing to do is just go with it. If pressed, after graduation, more schooling would probably happen until I get my Master’s degree. In what, is still debatable. Of course there’s the obvious odd job, hopefully freelancing for whatever company takes me. I’m not trying to settle, but I’m realistic enough to not hold out for my dream position. I’ll go for it as I pay my dues and make my connections.

As for that dream job, I just want to travel and document life. National Geographic can work. If I’m really reaching for the stars, hopefully I’d get commissioned by some large investor and photograph the world. Though my travel doesn’t have to be as extensive as to foreign countries. The mysteries of these United States can always use more exploration and documentation. My dream job can be anywhere, as long as it’s not “always” there.

Succeeding in that career? I can’t answer that. In honesty I’m much too modest to boast my own skills and accomplishments. I usually let my actions speak for what I do. Although I normally would not talk of my abilities I could touch upon the surface about what people have said about me.

I’m proficient in:

Print design/news judgment, reporting, photography, video producing/editing/recording, audio producing/editing/recording, slideshows, web-design, blogging, graphics illustration, a little bit of pagination and probably what is most important, I’m able to accept criticism and learn from them.

When I attended the 2006 Journalism Association of Community Colleges regional event in Fullerton, I heard of the being a “rounded journalist” and I took that to heart. I’ve immersed myself to the point where theoretically, I would have the skills to produce an entire publication on my own. My work ethic is strong and grounded. My goals are high and far reaching. What I am gaining from school, internships and freelance positions will help me fill that gap to easily obtain to those goals.

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About Gil Riego Jr.

Gil Riego Jr. Lover. Fighter. Photographer. Birth • 1983 Film SLR • 1995 Digital SLR • 2006 Estimated Death • 2073 (Death by sacrificing myself to the Zombie apocalypse to have my friends and loved ones survive) I've been capturing moments for more than half of my life. I've been aware of what I'm capturing for half of that. Trained in the mean streets of the San Fernando Valley, and applying it to the meaner street of San Francisco, I capture life at every moment I can. From my d90 to my iPhone 3GS and whenever I have film for my polaroid 600. In this blog you'll find random insights, amusing reblogs and, hopefully, some photos you like. I have 3 Associate Degrees from Pierce College (Liberal Arts, Journalism, Photojournalism) and currently attending San Francisco State University for my BA in Journalism with an emphasis on Photojournalism. I also shoot for the SF Weekly.

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