A Few Words on Journalism






Hear Yee! Hear Yee! Many moons ago people screamed information about themselves and their friends on the street for many to hear. Upon hearing this information, passer bys processed the news and decided to let it flow into on ear and out the other or they decided to spread it to further lands so that it reaches more people. Sound familiar? Duuh. It’s social media networking B.C. status, man. Light signals, smoke signals and messengers turned into Facebook, Twitter, linkedIN, Orkut, Digg, and the list goes on. It’s in our human nature to be inquisitive, curious and sometimes just down right nosy. We as humans have created new technologies that cater to our voracious appetites to be knowledgeable and connected to other people.

My name is Sasha and I am a photojournalism student in working on finishing my last semester at San Francisco State University. I am a creature who indulges in pursuing my scholastic appetites. So, that being said, I want to have a long-term relationship with journalism because it is in my adventurous nature to learn as much about life as life has to offer. Because we all change constantly and the world must always turn, we must always keep our minds open and change with the times. You have changed with every second you live your Internet life and with every second that you take to read this. Let’s grow together to learn about current events with the tools that the god of technology and the goddess of Google have to offer. Apart from constantly playing with a cornucopia of questions, I have an eye for a picture that tells a thousand words or a picture that tells a thousand aggressive interjections.

Boston Globe’s picture blog The Big Picture offers a compilation of some of the best photo essays I have ever seen taken by freelance and AP photographers. This is my number one photo blog to check out and it’s totally newsworthy. JACKPOT! Whether you are an artist or a musician or a journalist, it is important to study the work of people who came before you. I don’t know about you, but I adore and respect old photography. A great historical photo archive blog to check out is called SHORPY. One more site I like to go on just for fun is called Fuck Yeah Tattoos. Disclaimer: This website will eat up precious minutes of your life. An hour goes by in a second but it’s extremely entertaining. Are there any web blog that you go on for entertainment? And remember curiosity killed the  but it made the journalist.


Picture is a comic by Gary Larson called “The Far Side”

ps. What web blogs do you go on for entertainment?


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