Why I am a Shooter

(Where the magic happens, the cameras and computer used to create the photographs, located at Edward Chow Photo HQ)

My name is Edward Chow and I am a 19-year old, sophomore photojournalism student who is currently working for the Golden Gate [X]press. The term shooter gets thrown around when referring to photographers, here I explain how I became a shooter, why I am a shooter, and which shooters inspire me the most.

It all began with a movie. Three years ago, I had to opportunity to take a photography class at the Academy of Art. At the time, photography was only a hobby for me, and I thought little of it other than some good fun. But one day, the teacher was not at class and in his absence the class watched the movie War Photographer. The movie documents the life and the work of world renowned photojournalist James Nachtwey [X]press. as he transverses the globe documenting and photographing war, civil unrest, and in general social injustices. After watching the film, I began to look at my photography in a different light and eventually I began to befriend the teacher of the class, Emilio Banuelos who started to mentor me and guide me in the right direction with regards to my photography and my portfolio. He has also introduced me to his own project and website known as Black Boots Ink, a group of photographers who do documentary photography with a fine art twist.

With my photojournalism, I hope that I can cast light on people and issues that are important. Things that people don’t know about, or things that people should know about. I feel that photojournalism possesses immense power and if done right can be a call to action to affect change.

One of the photojournalists that I admire the most is Vincent Laforet, his photojournalism and coverage of the suffering that followed Hurricane Katrina moved people to mobilize in a whole variety of efforts to bring relief to the devastated coastline. People moved to donate large amounts of money to help with the relief where others went to the affected area and began volunteering. Corporations hosted their own fundraisers and chipped in wherever they could.

It is this power that photojournalism holds that I am constantly fascinated by, it is this power that I wish to someday tap into and help those who need help, and bring about change to where change is needed, and hold accountable those who need to be held accountable for their actions.


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