SF State housing food disappointing to many

When students live on campus at San Francisco State University they must have a meal plan and can choose to eat in three locations: City Eats Dining Center, Café in the Park Burritos and Cantina Pizza. Some on-campus residents give their opinions on whether the food provided is up to their standards.

Kyle Elliott, pre-nursing, 18, freshman
Erica St. Clair, social work, 20, sophomore
Monica Smiderle, psychology, 20, sophomore
Pegah Sharestani, communications, 18, freshman
Paula Ramirez, business administration, 20, junior

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About Virginia Tieman

Virginia Tieman was born in Böblingen, Germany and from there moved to Okinawa, Japan at the age of three. Having roots in cultural and colorful countries, artwork of all types draws Virginia in with its immense beauty - from its message to its texture. After leaving Japan, she relocated to Los Banos, California and spent her years there until graduating from Los Banos High School in the spring of 2009. During her years in Los Banos, she explored many creative outlets and found her passion in photography, playing the trombone and baritone, and writing. She was also very involved in community organizations and volunteered her time to those in need. In the fall of 2009, she enrolled at San Francisco State University as a photojournalism major and has stuck with it since. Her career goals beyond college include being a photographer for the National Geographic and starting up her own news media outlet, be it online, a magazine, or trying to revive the newspaper industry.

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