Career aspirations of an up and coming sports journalist

Giants Fans
Relaxing at a Giants game. Photo by Greg Manson.

  • The Next Great Sports Writer?

    For someone with strengths and interests such as mine, Journalism seemed like the logical career choice. Success in English classes fueled the confidence I needed to pick a career in writing. An unrivaled love for sports showed me where I wanted to apply my skills. It was that simple. Becoming a sports writer became my dream the moment I was old enough to realize that my first career choice, professional athlete, was not going to happen. And if I could not play the sports I love so much for a living, nothing could be better for me than writing about them.

    The ideal situation for me after graduating would be to get hired either by a major newspaper or online publication. Realistically, however, I know it is going to take time and hard work to get the job. Five years from now I see myself either at a small newspaper covering small sports events in the area, or covering a minor league baseball team for whatever publication will hire me. I will then hopefully use the experience from my first few jobs to land my dream job of writing a column for a major publication, a column solely devoted to sports where I will have free reign to weigh in on any sport or topic I choose to write about. Bill Simmons of is who I will try to model my column around; writing that features solid sports information but is delivered with wit and humor. A job at ESPN is the ultimate goal.

    I am relying on my education here at San Francisco State to learn the skills I will need to succeed as a Journalist. I will use whatever I learn from the various professors I take and combine it all into hopefully clear, concise writing. Improving my skill’s as a writer is the only concern I have. The research aspect of what I want to do is something I enjoy and passionately pursue on an everyday basis. Being able to combine my writing and love of sports is what I hope to learn through the courses I take here.

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