Deciding to pursue a journalism major

Brian DeAngelis
Brian DeAngelis, a SF State student and SFGate intern. Photo credit: Lawrence DeAngelis

While I chose Journalism as my major for a number of reasons, the greatest reason is my interest in writing. Growing up is was always something I was drawn to in school, and continues to be a craft I’ve adapted into a college major and hopefully a career. Secondly is my interest in news, more specifically the importance of keeping up with current events and its ability to connect people around the world. Staying connected to news is something I’ve always found important as knowing what is happening in ones community and the world creates a far more diverse perspective.

Outside of school, I’ve also held a very strong interest in music, playing both the piano and now bass guitar for a number of years. Having the opportunity to one day report on a music beat has always been a dream, interviewing important artists of our time. While not considered “hard news,” music and art culture stems great importance as it helps to develop a number of cultures and subcultures.

While it’s always been a somewhat difficult question for me to pinpoint, in five years I see myself reporting for a website most likely, hopefully writing about music as I’ve so longingly wanted to do. However, having the opportunity to write (regardless of topic) of course takes precedence.

My ideal job would be doing exactly that, working and continuing to adapt to online media, and witnessing firsthand the next transition that the field of journalism takes. I’ve always thought that my education and introduction into journalism has come at a very interesting time, as we’re seeing yet another shift to a new media with the adaptation of online journalism.

Learning necessary skills for my career comes twofold, both in formal education and internships such as the one I’m soon returning to. Last semester I interned at SFGate, gaining a wealth of knowledge into the production of a news website. I’m returning this semester to take on similar responsibilities, as well as begin to cover a number of music stories for the site.


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