Journalism student talks aspirations and Twitter

Photo of Ivanna Quiroz in journalism lab at SF State
Ivanna Quiroz, journalism student at SF State, reflects on future goals. Photo credit: Ivanna Quiroz

SF State student describes future goals in pursuing a journalistic career and use of news gathering via Twitter.

I would define news as any information that is of public interest. As technology progresses, there continue to be new methods of getting news. I primarily use the Twitter application on my phone to get my news because it is convenient to see the most important headlines and click on the ones that are important to me. I also enjoy using my phone because it gives me the opportunity to stay informed while on the bus or on my lunch break at work. The website I visit and see on Twitter everyday include the Associated Press, New York Times, SF Gate, CNN, SF State News, Vogue, Barack Obama, San Francisco Magazine, SF Appeal and Edible SF. These websites fill me in on international news, politics, and San Francisco entertainment.

I have always been very opinionated and passionate about what’s going on in the world and I am primarily majoring in journalism because I love to write, entertain and inform. My focus is feature writing or magazine writing with an interest in layout design. I enjoy writing about my greatest passions such as movies, travel and food. I also adore writing about history and cultures as well as my experiences during my travels. Journalism gives me the opportunity to share my adventures and opinions with the world. Five years after graduation, I see myself working at a publication, hopefully a magazine, as a feature writer or well on my way toward that objective. I could also see myself working in layout design. My ideal job would be to a regular writer for a publication where I write about the things I am most passionate about. However, I am always ready to adapt, and, as the journalism career continues to change with the progression of technology, I would be happy to contribute to new methods of delivering news or layout design for the web. I am excited and eager to learn the business and improve my writing skills. I learn best through first-hand experience and constant practice.


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