New breeds of journalists evolving

One journalism student’s hopes and aspirations for the future

Free Speech

Protesters against Prop 8 hold a rainbow flag as it blows freely in the wind out side City Hall, in San Francisco, Calif. While the supreme court hearing plays on the jumbotron in civic center plaza.
I am majoring in journalism because I love to take news photos and to write. I love running around covering a story or event. I have always loved taking on projects and have never been the type to seek a career sitting in a cubical or pushing papers around. Everyday I get to do something different and learn something new. Life is never boring as a journalist and it is one of the best thrills in life. I thrive off the pressure of deadlines and the overwhelming sense of gratification of seeing my work published. Breaking news and investigative reporting bring the greatest excitement for me, but I love the creativity features offer.

In five years, I will be working on or will have finished graduate school and have a masters in either Journalism, Mass Communications or my J.D. Hopefully, I will have a staff or editorial position at a medium sized publication that would allow me to continue to combine my writing and photography skills. I would also like to have a part-time teaching position at the collegial level. I want to make sure I have at least some teaching experience before I decide to have children so I will be able to teach when I have kids to be able to have the flexibility in my schedule to spend as much time with them as possible. Ideally, I would love to stay in San Francisco, but would also like to explore other areas of the U.S. Such as New York, Chicago or Washington D.C.

My ideal job is still a little undefined currently. I know that my ideal job would be one that would allow me to utilize all my skills I have worked to develop. I want to be able to get to do a little bit of everything. I want to be able to write, take photos, work on multimedia and video and maybe get to do a little page design. I would like to work for a hyper-local publication that is either online or has both online and print publications.

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