SF State journalism student’s plan for success

Ana on the beach

Ana Preza, a journalism student at SFSU loves to write and go to the beach. Photo credit: Julia Preza.

I have always been a fan of writing and reporting, so much that some people would say I’m nosy. I like to know what’s going on around me, I like to stay informed. I also enjoy telling stories or writing about new things I just learned. At Mt. Diablo High School I worked for my school newspaper and eventually became the editor-in-chief or the paper. I was also the co-editor of the school’s yearbook. Although they required a lot of work and some weekends at school meeting deadlines, those were my favorite classes by far.

I haven’t decided which path I would like to take (newspaper or magazine), but I do see myself writing for a publication, I just don’t know which one. I may start off with newspapers to test the waters and maybe see if I can get into magazine later on. I know I’ve always been interested in magazines but I don’t know how difficult it is or where I would have to move to see that dream come to life. Hopefully I can find a career with journalism and I can make a name for myself. Anyone can be a writer, but not everyoProxy-Connection: keep-alive
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is a journalist.

I would like to someday become some sort of editor (maybe for a magazine). I did it in high school and I really enjoyed the roll. Although I didn’t get to write as much, I did get to put the final product together and I really enjoyed that. I had my own column in my high school news paper and I enjoyed that too. I was free to write what I wanted and I usually got positive feedback from other students. I can see myself having my own column (but so can every other journalist). I don’t just want to be a writer, I want to more.

Hopefully with the journalism program at San Francisco State I can get the skills I need to succeed. I have already learned so much and I hope to learn a lot more. I know it takes a lot of time and a lot of practice (and not to mention time) to achieve the right tools and skills to make it as a journalist. I hope with this Digital News Gathering class I can get the digital skills that I seem to lack and desperately need. I’ve had great professors and hope to have more as I progress in this program.


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