SFSU Journalism Student Sees Exciting Future

SFSU journalism student Andrew Lopez sees an exciting future in his field.

Andrew Lopez drinking a beer off of Market Street, San Francisco Ca.

Andrew Lopez enjoys drinking a beer after long day of writing and photographing news. Photo Credit: Liz Ireland/SFSU Journalism student.

I am majoring in journalism because I find Mass Media to be a very interesting subject that affects people in many different ways. Hunter S. Thompson also influenced me to become a journalist. Although journalism isn’t a glamorous or well-paying field of work, it seems like an exciting and gratifying one. The fact that a journalist has to travel to work on a story or take pictures seems very appealing to me, a job that wouldn’t become dull so easily.

In five years I see myself in a few different situations. I will hopefully be living in a bigger metropolitan area or traveling to expand my photo portfolio. Personality wise I think I will be relatively the same person, but always a kid at heart. Hopefully in the next few years I will be able to make earn an income in journalism, or at least support myself doing something I love in a field related to journalism.

As far as my ideal job, I feel as though there are many possibilities in the San Francisco Bay Area. I would love to work for Al Gore’s Current TV network, a news and media network that relies on viewer created content. I originally wanted to get in to music journalism so I would be able to write about and document the bands and artists I love. Working as a staff writer or photographer for any music, lifestyle or culture publication or blog would be ideal. The idea of being a freelance photographer or writer would be amazing because you would be your own boss, but what I would really love to do is be a director of music videos or documentaries.

In order to attain the skills that will land me a spot in one these job positions, or other journalistic jobs, it is imperative that I not only teach myself these skills and practice as much as I can, but I also feel that this Digital News Gathering class will be a great way to learn, and put to use, the ever changing ways people consume media. I would also like to learn how to effectively market myself for freelance work and communicate better in the every changing social media world.


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