SFSU student strives for fashion, fame, and publication.

Derek Chisamore j226 profile
Derek Chisamore, fashion enthusiast and student journalist. Photo credit: Amy Chin, SF State student.

San Francisco State University fashion merchandising and journalism student and his five year plan toward becoming a television fashion influential.

I am currently a minor in the journalism program. My major is apparel design and merchandising with an emphasis in merchandising. Five years after graduation I see myself working for a fashion publication like American Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar. My goal in life is to become the creative director so that I am able to come up with the concepts for the editorial photos and layouts. I want to be able to style the shoots from head to toe. According to Samplejobdescriptions.org, “A creative director is involved with the creative aspects of a fashion shoot or show and gives inputs on how to make a photo shoot, article or programme more appealing to the consumer. He helps in highlighting the outfits or accessories created by the designer, thereby helping in the marketability of the product.”

I dream of the day when the readers open up a magazine and are inspired by the images they see, and be the person responsible for that reaction. I think that working for a fashion publication will open other doors that I hope to go through. I hope to one day do fashion correspondence work with television shows like The Today Show and The View. My work with fashion journalism and television correspondence will hopefully one day afford me the option to have my own show similar to The Martha Stewart Show or The Nate Burkus Show.

I plan on learning a good portion of my skills while attending San Francisco State University, however the majority of my skills will come from hands on education while working and interning. After SFSU I plan to go on and get my Masters in fashion trend research. My school of choice is Parsons in New York. I plan on going on a path in which each job will add a different skill set that will be beneficial to the next job. I am a strong believer in hard work and I do not think that anyone can move forward to their ultimate goal without going through each step, and to me each job is a step.


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