Through the lens – Journalism framed

Some dancers raised themselves above the crowd on lifts provided by the coordinators of the event during the Folsom Street Fair, the largest BDSM and leather fetish event worldwide, held last Sunday on Folsom Street in San Francisco. Photo by: Nick Moone

My Journey in the World of Journalism

Journalism represents one thing—truth. The role of the journalist is to provide that truth regardless of personal bias or belief in a world of wavering ethics. In conjunction with an appetite for being “out in the world”, a complete technical proficiency, and a tenacity and desire to get the story, the search for truth while maintaining a commitment to standards of ethics make up the majority of what is required to succeed in this field. This is something I want to do.

My particular interest lies in the way of photojournalism. A photographer works to tell his story, while the photojournalist works to tell other people’s stories. We take on the responsibility of an impartial observer, relating events to others as accurately as possible.

I have always believed that the most important piece of journalism and life is ethics. This section of morality is questionable at best in today’s society and within the field. One must be willing to adhere to a strict code of ethics if they are truly seeking what it means to be a journalist. Photojournalism is particularly difficult. A photograph, while holding complete truth, is merely a frame amidst chaos. How the photojournalist frames each photograph, says much about their personal standards of ethics. It is this challenge that calls to me as an individual.

After I complete my degree, during which I do hope to work as an intern for one of the local professional papers, I plan to travel. Ideally, I will be completing the exam for Foreign Service Officers and working abroad for a few years while developing connections and networking for my journalism career. Five years after graduation I hope to be working independently doing freelance work for a number of publications, my own projects, as well as developing and exploring new ways to tell a story through photographs. Its up to each generation not only to learn from their predecessors, but to enhance and change their professions in a positive and meaningful way. This is what I love to do. I want to be the individual who shares a story with the world that desperately needs to be shared and I need those who have done it, and done it well, to teach me and guide me in accomplishing this. I plan to invest myself with everyone that I possibly can to glean knowledge, experience, and know how and put it to work.

While I have no delusions of immortality, I believe that through honesty, ethics, morality, and determination, we can make permanent changes in the world. Truth through the eyes of an impartial observer is the best way I know how to do that.

Some helpful links to those looking to pursue a career in Journalism:

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