College writer, comedian, and comic book fan, looks towards the future of journalism and the future of his life

Profile picture of Student in red shirt playfully reaching for bubbles.

Spencer DeVine reaches for the words to explain a future which hopefully won't float away.Photo Credit- Gil Riego Jr.

College writer Spencer DeVine comments on his past, his present, and what he thinks is going to happen in both his future and the future of journalism. He is a student at SF state and is working towards a career as professional journalist, and a part time comedian.

My name is Spencer Devine. I do comedy, I write creatively, and I’m also a Journalism major with a humanities minor at San Francisco State University. Why I’m majoring in journalism is a little bit of a complicated story.  I never intended to become Journalism major honestly when I was working my way towards college.  All throughout my high school career and even before then I loved acting, I also wrote but it wasn’t as big of a part of my life as acting was. I did write two plays in high school, and various other creative writing projects but I didn’t work on my high school paper or anything.

Unfortunately the people paying for my college didn’t support acting as a major because it wouldn’t get jobs, so we figured that journalism would play on my love to write, and also the journalism bug runs in my family a bit . And that’s how I ran into Journalism.   I’ve grown to love it though, and seeing your writing published is such a great honor to me.   The future is a bit scary for me, I’m not exactly sure where I’m going to be when the dust settles and I’m no longer in school.

The Job market isn’t the most secure in the entire world, and the journalism world is an ever expanding and morphing one. I don’t know what it will be when it’s done. In five years I would like to be working in my field hopefully, I want to be able to go places.  If I had my choice I would work in a niche publication relating to my interests as sort of a nerd, or my love of theater.

If I could work for Marvel Magazine as a writer that would pretty much be my favorite job in the world. I’m a huge comic book fan so I would fit right in. Also a job I think would be so cool would be to be a writer for The Onion, the farce online and paper publication which focuses not only on writing but also humor.  I think that combination of writing and humor would fit me to a tee, but this dream is far off on the horizon.   I like to do comedy in my everyday life and being able to use that in my writing would be the best.

I’m going to learn as much as I can in school; hopefully this will be the first big step towards realizing my potential and succeeding. I want to absorb as much as possible, and hopefully that way I will be ready to take on the competitive market.


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