For the Love of Journalism

Elissa Torres, student at SFSU, reflects on why she wants to pursue a career in journalism.

From small town dreams to now becoming a journalist at San Francisco State University. My inspiration and where I hope to be in a few years.

I am majoring in journalism because I love to write. I have always been a great writer growing up but I knew I wanted to do something more than writing short stories or analyzing book plots. I remember watching Gilmore Girls when it was popular, and the main character went to Yale to be a journalist. The show chronicled her being on the Yale Daily News, being editor of the publication, being told she did not have talent and more. I remember the character explaining how she wanted to write to inform people about what’s going on in the world. I realized that’s what I wanted to do too. I joined my high school’s newspaper staff my junior year and continued being on the Mustang Press senior year. I fell in love with this new way of writing. I liked coming up with new story ideas and showing my friends and family what I had published. I was the Features Editor for two years and I was also one of the writers for a Pro-Con column. I had so much fun and decided I wanted to be a journalist as my career.

In five years I see myself working my way up the ranks in a publication. I see myself working in print, hopefully for a newspaper. I would probably be starting out in a small publication and gradually making my way into being a published writer of hard hitting stories.

My ideal job would be one where I could pitch any and all ideas to my editor. I want to be able to live in a place I feel comfortable in and I would also want to live in an exciting place where there’s lots to write about.

I am learning the skills I need to be a great journalist right now, in my San Francisco State University journalism classes. Being educated by professors that have been published either online or in print that have gathered different skills throughout the years is super helpful to me. Being taught to read the AP Stylebook and how to write the best articles is the best way to help shape me as a journalist.

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