Journalists work their way from the very bottom to the very top

A pre-law college student changes her mind about her major after giving the speech at her father’s memorial service. As a journalist, she hopes to work her way from the very bottom to the very top and succeed in broadcast.

I decided to major in journalism after my father passed away in 2007. I gave the eulogy at his memorial and ever since then, I have been complimented on my writing and have used writing as a vice for many different things. I especially enjoy getting to the bottom of things and reporting newsworthy events that have taken place recently, or even in the past. I write about things I care about. I have interned at the Marin Independent Journal and experienced what it is like to actually do an interview, succeed with the interview, and create a story based on the facts retrieved from that interview. Five years after graduation, I see myself having a masters in broadcast journalism and pursuing a career as a reporter, hopefully reporting for the local Bay Area network or even CNN. I am minoring in International Relations, so I can travel the world and report on events.

My ideal job as a journalist is to report about international issues that relate to us here in the United States. There are so many interesting things that happen overseas that we do not know about. I would ideally like to report on national disasters that happen internationally because it takes a few days after the incident has happened, for us to hear about it here in the United States. I know realistically, it will take a while before I achieve the goal of being a reporter. It takes journalists years to get on T.V. and report about what they truly care about. I am willing to work my way up from the very bottom.

I have taken journalism classes before and have learned some of the basics I need to succeed in this career field. The only way to learn how to succeed in journalism is by trial and error and once an article is published in a newspaper (or even on my online portfolio), A reporter or journalist can learn all the basics in a classroom, but until they go out and actually try to report on something, they will not know what the outcome is. I have talked to people who pursued a career in journalism and they told me that it’s definitely not easy. You start from the very bottom and work your way to the very top.


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