Skeptical news consumer decides to study journalism

SF State student plans on building community news with global consciousness.

By Guadalupe González

I believe everyone has the right to be informed by different sources.  I am often skeptical of news fed to me, so I seek different points of view.  Many times, I have a different understanding of a series of events, and I feel obligated to share my point of view without offering my opinion.  That’s why I want to be a journalist.

In five years after graduation, I see myself successfully running my own news organization, informing the people of Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley, specifically the northeast side.  This area is mostly an immigrant and working-class community that seems to be not only detached from the rest of Los Angeles, but even from the Valley itself.  There is a strong sense of community, but what the community lacks is civic engagement.  Politicians are nothing but people who make decision for them “in their best interest” without the community’s say.  I believe that by informing this community they will be empowered and will seek social and civic involvement.

I am planning that that news startup will lead to my ideal job, which is to be the owner of a news media group.  I will stand out from previous news entrepreneurs because I would have a background in journalism, and my motive will not be profits, but rather to maintain the integrity of a free press.  I will lead news corporations to the new generation of journalism, which will be community based with a global conscious.

To reach that goal, I need to learn as much as I can about the new developing technologies and how they might be of use for journalism.  Journalistically, I need to be aware of the events occurring throughout the world, not only in the Americas, and try to foresee what will be the result of these events.  Most importantly, I need to start networking so that I may establish relationships that I can consult, learn from, and offer my services.  That begins here, at SF State, with my professors, leaders of the present, and my classmates, leaders of the future.

To stay up to date with Guadalupe González, follow him on Twitter @LupeDice


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