S.F. State photojournalism student dreams of career traveling with National Geographic.

The author takes a picture of herself as a form of self expression

Tearsa Hammock dreams of a career of travel and adventure in Photojournalism. Photo credit: Tearsa Joy Hammock

Once a print/online journalism major, now concentrating in photojournalism, S.F. State student, seeks to use both writing and photography to chase her dream of the ideal journalism career in travel documentary magazines.


A reflection by: Tearsa Joy Hammock

In the eighth grade, I decided that writing is my passion and talent. Since then, I have pursued writing to specialize in. I initially chose Journalism as my major for my career choice and my favorite hobby. Recently, I have become seriously interested in photography. I have always been fascinated by both the artistic and technical realms of schools of thought. Photojournalism is now my final choice to concentrate in.

I have a deep love and respect for National Geographic Magazine as well as its other publications like Adventure or Traveler magazines. The extensively well-researched articles that NG writers provide from exciting hands-on experience to the famous breathtaking beauty and sometimes horror of the documentary photography is what draws me to dream of such a career. If not with National Geographic (every photojournalist’s dream job, I’m sure), at least I would be thrilled to be a part of a similar travel/documentary publication.

Five years after graduation from S.F. State, I can see myself pursuing such a fun, yet difficult career with a travel magazine using my skills in both writing and photography. I can only hope this will be a reality. I admit I may have a rough start and it might not be a terribly lucrative occupation, but I will be fulfilled as long as I am chasing after what I love and yet still pay all the bills.

There are tons of internships/job opportunities that get me stoked about a career in journalism all over the web, but especially if they concern travel and adventure.

All of these job descriptions entail traveling, working in photo and/or print/online journalism, and at least some form of working for National Geographic magazine.

I hope to use my college experience as well as outside class experience, whether on my own or through a summer internship, to learn the skills I need to succeed in such a career as the one I dream about.

Student journalist thinks about her future

Tearsa Joy Hammock can be found on Twitter as @sanfranbeatj226


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