One thing is for sure: I will never make an appearance in an egg.

photo of Barbara Szabo in front of a tagged wall in Austin.

Barbara Szabo showing love for tagging in Austin, Texas. Photo credit: Rio Norris/musician

Drawing influence from writers like Kurt Vonnegut and Ayn Rand, writing has become my absolute passion. And if I’m the last person to read a hard copy of a book instead of flipping through the digital pages of an iPad, so be it.

When I was born, the grips of communism held tightly to the city of Budapest, stifling all creativity. My parents were both musicians and visual artists at the time, struggling to find outlets that would project their remarkable talents. We moved to the U.S. in the mid 90s, landing in an environment that was drastically different and incredibly refreshing. I became obsessed with writing at a young age, but had to translate my knowledge and abilities in the process of learning English. My life revolves around reading, writing, and music, so journalism seemed like an ideal goal to pursue. My generation is completely consumed by the technological advances of the past few decades, and I sincerely hope that the outcome will not affect the crucial role of the written word.

Kurt Vonnegut and Ayn Rand have been major influences in my journey as a writer, and more recently Malcolm Gladwell has inspired me greatly. “Fountainhead” by Rand has changed my life completely, especially after I researched her objectivist philosophy and saw how it is applied in her books and plays:

I have become heavily involved with music writing, landing internships with Sony Music and Here are two links to interviews I’ve done with Local Natives and the drummer from Passion Pit who goes by the DJ Name Shuttle:

I’m currently in the process of creating a website that focuses on musicians interviewing other musicians, examining the relationship between different genres of music by bringing bands that vary in sound together to interact and find common roots. I’m also really fascinated with examining cross-cultural diversity, which is why I chose my minor to be Global Peace and Justice studies. Through the program, I’ve come to really appreciate revolutionaries such as Gandhi, who dedicated his entire life to make a much-needed change in the world.

After finishing San Francisco State, I’ll hopefully get into law school and pursue music law. Eventually I’d like to start my own record label as a way to develop musicians with actual talent rather than just marketability (Lady Gaga, you’re cool and all, but come on: showing up in a giant egg at the Grammys does not make you a credible artist). I would also like to live in Paris for a year or so and make some use of the five years of French classes I’ve taken. But who knows, I may end up as a juggler in the circus.


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