How one SFSU student plans to land a job as a TV reporter

I am majoring in journalism because I enjoy being on the edge. I like hearing news before other people and filling them in on current affairs. Being in the know makes me feel useful and superior. I enjoy gossip, eavesdropping and socializing with strangers. People spill their guts to me quite often. While I admittedly am a lover of gossip with an inferiority complex, I am also quite sympathetic and tend to get along well with a large majority of the people I meet. Don’t get me wrong, I’d be alright with hounding soulless politicians if need be, but I generally am a caring person. The whole business of taking on the problems of others can be exhausting at times so I figure I might as well make a career out of it.

I am certainly not a fortune teller or psychic of any sort, but five years after graduating I hope to see myself holding a juris doctor’s degree. I will be 15 pounds lighter with a snap on smile and a nice tan from living in a climate far warmer than San Francisco. Consequently, this will put me in the prime condition to finally begin my career in front of the camera at the news station I will have been working nights at as a measly producer’s assistant while also attending law school. I will decide to wait for my law degree to pay off later; at this moment I will be excited to break into the television world as a reporter.

Check out the job description for an on-air reporter.

I will learn the skills I need to succeed in my career from practical job training combined with the skills I will be taught as a student of journalism, philosophy and law. I will intern at a news station later this year, where I plan to make good connections, learn about the television news industry, and receive good recommendations. Hopefully I will land a job at a television station after graduating from SFSU, and I will work my way up to becoming an on-air talent while I finish up the rest of my education.

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