Using technology to help nature triumph over technology

strange occurrences in a desert in a suit.

richard karevoll wonders where he is and where he is going. photo credit: Jen

Nature conservation, music, travel, journalism, college

Journalism student, Richard Karevoll, hopes to combine his love for writing, nature conservation and his degree in the changing field of journalism to continue to learn about the most recent developments in preserving natural habitats, living life sustainably and protecting wild life; then sharing what he has learned with a readership through online and print media.

I am majoring in journalism because I have always loved to write.  Through many times in my life writing has seemed like the only thing that made any sense and when I finally decided to go back to college, journalism seemed like the best route for me to go.  I wrote on my high school news paper and I always enjoyed that.  I enjoyed the community of it as well as the information gathering and of course turning that information into a story.

I have had to force and work on my desire to be inquisitive.  That has never come naturally in any great way.  Not to say that I am not curious or interested in things, but that part of journalism, that burning desire to get to the bottom of something was not what prompted me to pursue this degree, it was more the writing that appealed to me.

It is hard for me to say where I see myself five years after graduation.  I certainly hope to put my degree to use.  I want to make a living using my writing and because of that I am open to a variety of possibilities.  With everything changing so fast in the way media is operating it makes it difficult to predict where my skills and interests will lie in just a few years time.  I have never felt very cutting edge in what interests me and I think that may play a role in the direction I go.  I would like to join the Peace Corps after graduation and I would imagine that will set a pace for the rest of my paths.  Ideally, in a perfect world I would like to write about music, traveling or specialize in writing about nature and efforts to conserve native habitats, plants and animals.  It is an interest of mine that I would like to continue exploring, learning about and then sharing with a broader audience.

I could not fine a job description online that fit exactly what I am aiming toward.  But it would have to do with traveling around the world and researching and writing about efforts to preserve nature.  I would hone in on small, grass root operations that involved volunteers and people passionate about specific areas of interest.  I would like to show that change happens piece by piece and that if you want to accomplish something, sometimes you have to think small and work from there.   To do that, I will continue to keep my ears and eyes open and never falter on an opportunity to learn something new.


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