Ideal job? To be a journalist

Photo of Colorful Pencils
The journey to journalism is as colorful as these pencils. Photo credit: Yichen WANG

Being a journalist was my childhood dream. I can still remember how I envied those journalists presented on the TV screen when I was a kid. In my eyes at that time, journalists were magic people as they seemed to know whatever lately happens and they could appear in every corner around the globe.

With the advance of age, I found out that being a journalist does not just mean to go somewhere and to broadcast what just happens there. Being a journalist is related to telling the truth to general public. Serve as a journalist, there is a social responsibility to transmit the reality and objectivity since news coverage can leads to unexpected social impact. I am willing to make public known what lately happens around the world in an objective way. Besides this, I’m interested in reading and writing, which is basic prerequisites to being a journalist. Moreover, I have such a passion that I want to share realities with people and make them informed with latest news. That’s why I major in journalism when I entered the university.

After my graduation, my ideal job is to work as a journalist in international relations, particularly the relations between United States and China. Personally, I think news coverage about United States in China’s media is not 100 percent telling the reality. On the other hand, the news about China in American media can’t be that objective. Misunderstandings between citizens in US and China have existed for such a long time. Since the interaction between the two nations has increased, journalists are expected to take actions to tell people the reality about both China and United States and to dispel the stereotypes so that people in these two countries can understand each other well.

I do not care that much about where I will be five years later after my graduation and what I care is what I will do at that time. Am I doing my ideal job? In order to hit my target, professional skills are the most important things which I need to polish currently. Besides this, Codes of Ethics as a journalist is another top important lesson I have to learn.

Journalism is a long journey and I should make efforts step by step. I will keep the passion and be objective on my way to being a journalist.


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