Cut through the career path

Interior design and PR work
The interior design is a vital part of the branding or the PR work. Photo credit (Fei YE)

Since I am an exchange student from Hong Kong, my major is media and communication rather then journalism. Of course, journalism is an indispensable part of my major. Two reasons drive me to my present major. First of all, I’m eager to be equipped with skills in interpersonal communication. Meeting different people is also one request towards my future career. At the same time, I do not want to be controlled by modern mass media conglomerates. Instead of fooled by what TV, newspaper or Internet shows, I’d prefer reading between lines and digging out insights. For me, media monopolies would eventually assimilate people of different cultures if not awarded. In order to maintain my uniqueness, studying media is a good choice.

It’s a little earlier to predict who I am five years after graduation. Anyway, ideally, I’d expect a trip around world then.

Public relations jobs are on top of my job list. Strategic communication planner would a better word rather then spin doctor. My interest lies in external communication and marketing related customer service. An account manager is ideal.

An account manager today is not only face-to-face communication today. Online information screening and research are of great value.

I’m not used to routine work everyday. My philosophy is always exploring as more as you can when you are still capable. PR job encounters me various people daily. What’s more, I can fully use my creativity in design program fitting diverse environment and satisfying picking customers. If I am lucky enough, an offer form trans-national PR firm may posit my office in a totally different culture.

In order to acquire skills, I’ve done internship in a real PR firm during summer vacation. I’d pay attention to the sponsorship or other PR activities of diverse organizations. Information as such is not only fun, but helpful in analyzing different management style and PR plans. Advertising is another way to learn. Comparing slogan of same products in different periods or different brands at same time; observing the choice of third person endorsement or even the time slot ads occupy are some of things I’d do. They make so-called information bumping far less annoying.


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