Just want to transfer.

Just want to transfer
A former architecture major student switched to journalism for a quicker transfer out of community college. Later, he is certain this is a good career choice.

Majoring in journalism was never my intent. After failing the first architecture course, I knew I needed to change. Curiosity was one of the reasons that I chose journalism. I am always exploring and crave for knowledge of any unknowns, and with my interest in photography, photojournalism is a perfect fit for me. Moreover, after seeing many of my friends failed their first major choice and changed business, finance, and accounting, I wanted something different. Personally, I am not money oriented, nor good at math. I wanted a major that helps to experience more, to learn about people and their stories. Therefore, journalism was second choice for major. However, the main reasons that I choose journalism was not related to my personality or interest. To transfer out of City College of San Francisco, journalism was one of the less time consuming major. To transfer, journalism major only requires two courses and the general education courses. It only took two years for me to transfer.

Five years after the graduation, the probability for me to work outside of the US is high. After my first trap to China in eight years, the disconnection with my home country has help me to see the problems, the people and the stories that I can produce. Also, journalism in China has become more aggressive, and the journalists have a bit more freedom than befor My dream job would be to work with a publication to gain access to places and produce stories and documentaries that I wanted even though the government controls most of the content. However, there is much to learn before I can be what I want to be. The technical is easy to learn, but the hard part is to learn the techniques of producing a compelling story. The best way to learn is to watch documentaries and stories produces by others; professionals and amateur. Learning others’ techniques is not enough, improve upon them is the key. Moreover, be open-minded, keep exploring, and learn by doing are also the essentials to success.

Entrepreneurship is also a possibility in the future, but it is still uncertain; either opening a business here or back home.



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