Passion for Journalism and Fashion

A girl is putting on lip gloss. Fashion is everywhere! Fashion journalism is everywhere!

"Fashion journalism is everywhere" by Ziyi Su

Every prospect student towards colleges is confronted with a sea of majors. Some devote themselves to business, since they will get good salary after graduation. Some pick up science for the simple reason that they, potential great scientists, may make huge contributions to the changes of human history. I was not one of them. And ultimately journalism is my choice.

Obviously , reporters are not paid as high as businessmen with not as much recognition as scientists. However, it is the most interesting jobs in the world. Instead of doing the same old things day after days, you can get to know a variety of fields and know people from these fields. For instance, if you are working for a fashion magazine, you job is not only about fashion. You may get the chance to interview a stylish athlete. His career and sport will be a new thing for you to explore. Through the exploration, you will be more well-informed and never get bored of the job.   Moreover, not like scientists who make concrete and direct contributions towards society, reporters inform and educate the society, which matters a lot. The reporting of Watergate Scandal made people get the truths and educate the society in its democratic path.

As for me, with a passion for fashion and the social network, I would love to work for some fashion magazines as a web editor or a reporter. Following is a job description I found on the Vogue’s website.

Web Editor

Description is seeking an editor for the website.Candidates should have a strong editorial background and will be responsible for managing daily content, editing, writing, and generating story ideas. Candidates should have an interest in style, fashion, culture, entertainment, design, and media. The role requires extensive experience with Web analytics, social networking tools, CMS, SEO, and HTML.


Editorial and Writing

As mentioned by the job description, several skills are required. Our education will definitely help us to acquire the bases of those skills. What’s more, internship and working experience plays a significant role. It gives us chance to apply what we learn and to know how things are working in the real world. In this way , we get the skills ultimately.


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