Leigh’s Google Map

Original story from the San Francisco Chronicle (taken from Associated Press)

The story is about protests that have erupted all across the Arab world since Mubarak refused to reform the government. According the article, the crowds signaled that the push for change in North Africa and the Middle East continues to build momentum. In Libya, leader Moammar Gadhafi has held strong on a now 14-day-old rebellion after losing control over large chunks of the country.

In Tripoli, protestors staged the first anti-government rallies. They said that they came under fire from pro-Gadhafi militias. “In the first wave of fire, seven people within 10 meters (yards) of me were killed. Many people were shot in the head,” the man, who was marching from Tripoli’s eastern Tojoura district, told The Associated Press. According to the article, Iraq saw its biggest and most violent anti-government protests since the wave of “regional unrest” began. 11 people died during the march on government buildings.

Many people read articles about the issues going on in the Arab world, but no one really knows where these places are. This article desperately needed a map of the locations of these places. Not many people are familiar with North Africa and the Middle East. Having a map, such as the one I created, will help people understand more about the issue and put a picture to the unfortunate situation taking place there.


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