Time Machine

I believe that news is crucial to understanding the world, other cultures and ultimately seeking change; this is why I am majoring in journalism. I would like to be a part of the dissemination of knowledge that journalism is. Occurrences such as social injustices, government practices, deaths and natural disasters must first be acknowledged before people can gather together and call for change. Without journalism we would only know what we see with our own eyes and thus be oblivious to events that both directly and indirectly affect people on a large scale.

Five years after graduation I hope that I will have the opportunity to travel around the world and document what is happening on a global scale. Today especially, with global trade and rapid distribution of knowledge via the Internet, people are more connected with others around the world. I would love to help spread news to people around the world either through newspapers, magazines or online. I believe that the more people know about the citizens of other countries, the more they can relate to one another, achieve equality and fight for human rights.

I am also very interested in music and would love to cover various bands, concerts and festivals. Music is a very powerful tool, which also connects people globally. To me, music is the ultimate universal language. To have the honor of working with and perhaps even helping talented musicians gain popularity would be incredibly rewarding.

There are many job opportunities I would gladly accept in the realm of journalism, photojournalism, editing and photo editing. I believe freelance reporting would be wonderful because I could cover a wide range of topics for various sources. If I had the opportunity to become a photo editor for The Associated Press or the associate editor at National Geographic, that would definitely be a dream come true for me.

I hope to learn the skills I need to succeed in my career by working incredibly hard in the classes offered at San Francisco State University, experiences learned by writing for the Xpress, future internships and personal determination. I believe I have the necessary curiosity and drive to become a worthy journalist. With the help of others who are already experts in the field I feel as though I can succeed in the world of journalism.


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