10 Best New East Bay Restaurants (with map)

Oakland magazine released their list of the best new places to eat in the East Bay this past fall. Author Derk Richardson’s list includes higher end, foodie restaurants, most of which also offer a full bar and wine selection. Tapas, pizza and French bistros are all featured, but the majority of the restaurants on the list offer artisan pan-American cuisine.

This story benefited from my map because it lists the directory information and addresses for 10 different restaurants that span over both Oakland and Berkeley, which covers a relatively large amount of territory.

A map is helpful for any reader who is looking to quickly identify a restaurant near their home or hotel. Looking at the locations on a map rather than trying to figure out which one is closest by typing the addresses in saves the reader time, and makes them much more likely to actually try the author’s recommendations. It is also helpful for foodie readers who may want to plan their night around a cluster of restaurants all within walking distance. I’ve also included photos for every location that show readers a lot more than the Google satellite photos of the location were able to.

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